Beneful Puts High Quality Ingredients In Their Products

There’s a lot of reasons that you should care about what your dog eats and upgrade their dog food if you haven’t already done so. The main reason I chose to feed my dog the premium foods that I buy is because I know they are made with better ingredients than the cheaper brands of dog foods. I recently found an article from the Daily Herald that says a lot about what premium dog food companies do to make sure they are producing top notch foods for you to find in your local pet store. The pet store is stocked full of premium dog foods that your dog will like to taste.

In the article that was published by the Daily Herald, leading premium dog food companies share their practices during the manufacturing process. They talk about their safety measures that are in place, and they show how much they care about their foods by having a real team of people test the way that these foods taste. If people like the taste, then dogs are sure to love the food products.

Beneful makes a kind of dog food that is different than the rest. It stands out as a premium dog food that is made by Purina, and I feel that I can trust this brand of dog food to produce the best quality products on the market. Beneful is known for using high quality ingredients in their dog foods, which is a good thing to find in your dog food manufacturer. Did you know that premium brands like Beneful pay more for their ingredients?

My dog likes the kind of Beneful wet food that I buy for him. It is actually called Chopped Blends, which makes sense because it has chopped up pieces of meats and vegetables that go well with the rice and other blended ingredients. I like that Beneful puts their ingredients right on the bag for all to see. It feels like a responsible decision every time I buy Beneful for my dog. If you would like to read the article I referenced, go here.


The Stock Market Heavy Hitter Igor Cornelsen

A common saying goes like, “the end justifies the means”. This saying could not be more accurate than in today’s stock markets where volatile conditions lead to hefty losses for investors.

Back in the day, investors could afford to gamble on the stocks and get away with it. Today, such a move would be catastrophic. The investors today have had to make adjustments to survive. Some of these measures include investing small amounts of money in several stable and performing stocks.

More so, one must take a long-term approach when venturing into the equity markets. This approach allows investors to focus on stocks to win them a lifetime of returns. Risks and losses will always be part of the equity markets. Igor Cornelsen has mastered unorthodox methods that nevertheless make him good returns.

Investors across the world have been evaluating and analyzing the Brazilian economy. It had been doing pretty well before the global financial crisis of 2008. It’s eighth on the list of top global economies although its annual GDP growth rate has stagnated at 2% over the last six years. Nevertheless, the South American is endowed with vast natural resources and agricultural production ability. Brazil’s agricultural exports attract top prices in huge markets in China. A real adjustment of the Chinese economy injects energy to that of Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen observes these flickr trends and believes Brazil is yet again on the road to double-digit economic growth rates. The government recently appointed Joaquin Levy, a new finance minister who is expected to implement austerity measures and reforms. Such changes are supposed to put the economy on the road to success.

All these events raise interest among entrepreneurs all over the world. As Brazil prepares to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, Igor believes the world is headed for Brazil once again. He has positioned himself as a strategic investment adviser who makes his clients take up long-term deals. Igor guides his clients to pick winning stocks using insider information and market understanding figures.

Locally, Igor pleads with the rising middle-class households to invent new ways of making some extra income. One of the ways that he recommends is the growing passive income sector. This new portfolio excites Igor Cornelsen  for its characteristics and advantages over conventional active income means. With little-starting capital and operating costs, it serves the interests of young people who would otherwise not be in a position to get a bank loan.

Furthermore, passive income guarantees regular income without the hassle of daily supervision. Most of the passive incomes generating ways are done online thus one can run a business from the comfort of their home.

Money Market Managers Are Nervous About China And George Soros Thinks They Should Be

George Soros is a rock star in the investment industry. His peers call him the best hedge-fund manager in the world and for good reason. Soros is worth more than $27 billion. Making money and being one of the richest people in the world is just one part of the George Soros story. He was a migrant at one point in his life, and in another segment, he escaped from the Nazis. But all investors know about Soros now is the 85-year-old liberal is not afraid to say what he thinks, and he does that often. He recently expressed his thoughts about the migration crisis and China to

One Soros prediction on seems to be coming true in the minds of some investors. The New York stock market has the worst start ever in 2016, and stock markets around the world are up and down like a Federer volley at Wimbledon. More than $2 trillion was wiped off of global markets in the first three weeks of 2016. Mr. Soros says China could drag the world into another meltdown. This new meltdown would be similar to the 2008 crash unless China does something about their economy.

The Chinese have poured billions of dollars into their economy, but according to Soros, the Chinese must kick in trillions more to transition from a manufacturing and export-based economy to a consumer and service based economy. China’s GDP rate fell in 2015 and the rate of growth projected for 2015 might be less than 2015. The Chinese financial debacle coupled with the Greek crisis, the migration crisis, Euro issues and weak economies in all but two of the emerging markets around the world could be enough to set another meltdown in motion.

But the other issue that is making matters a little more serious to Soros is Russia’s banning of one Soros Foundation on the grounds that the foundation is a threat to Russian national security. The Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation are Soros’s charities, and they have been operating in Russia for years. The Russian ban came when Soros urged the West to increase aid to the Ukraine, according to
Mr. Soros funds several foundations that support freedom of expression, access to public health, human rights, and education. He began his philanthropic activity in South Africa. Soros gave scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid. His other foundations are located in 70 countries around the world. In 1979, Soros started the Open Society Foundations after his hedge fund reached more than $100 million. At that time, Soros was worth $25 million.

When all of the global issues are put together and analyzed, some economists say Soros could be right. The world’s economy is not as healthy as it should be. If China continues to experience economic issues and the global upheaval gets worse, 2016 could be another 2008. But the 2016 meltdown may even be worse because the European Union may collapse, according to Soros.

AI and Visual Search Improve Shopping

For years, shoppers would log online and go to their favorite search engine. They would type their chosen words into the search box. The search would return links to answers to the query. In a recent article that appeared in MIT Technology Review, it was suggested that AI and Visual search are improving the online shopping experience. The fact is that image recognition has dramatically improved, thanks to new software. In response, several shopping sites are testing out the new software. Customers are able to browse using images instead of typing the usual text in search boxes.

AI and Visual Search
The AI and Visual Search on Pinterest and Shoes is creating a lot of buzz and interest. For example, now users on Pinterest are able to use a search tool to draw a box around an object that interest them. A search is made on the site to find similar images. The search returns the same image or images that are very similar. The new developments in AI and Visual Search are improving the capacity to return searches that are accurate. This has led to a number of companies following Pinterest’s lead in adapting visual search for their site.

Slyce is one of the leaders in visual search technology. They help to improve the shopping experience for customers. Thus, improving the retailers profits. They supply software technology for mobile and desktop devices to use visual search product recognition by simply taking a picture or using product images already on the site.

Slyce uses the most innovative technology that is available to supply visual search to their clients. They offer the retailer a way for their customers to quickly scan products that are around them and receive immediate results in their search. This real world technology handles pictures, bar-codes, coupons, and more. Furthermore, they are constantly improving and updating their visual search to keep up-to-date with new changes.

Education And The Markets, The Two Interests That Made One Man A Billionaire

There are a very limited number of billionaires in the entire world, and Ken Griffin is one of them. If that name is not familiar to you, just give it a little time and it will be. He is currently the 69th wealthiest person on Earth, and he just keeps climbing up the list. Ken Griffin founded the revolutionary Citadel investment firm after he completed a Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard University. He did so because he wanted to trade in the markets and make a nice amount of money for himself and his investors. He certainly scored well on all of those counts. The Citadel firm is broken into three pieces. There is Citadel itself which is simply an investment firm. There is Citadel Security which is a leading provider of liquidity into the US markets. Finally, there is Citadel Technology which works in the markets as well, but in this case is just more of a technology provider. Each one of the three serves an important role in the success of the whole thing and therefore in the success of Ken Griffin himself. Harvard is certainly happy to have him among their number as Griffin recently offered the school $150 million to help fund scholarships for students who go to school there. It is this kind of generosity that those around Griffin have come to expect from him. They are not at all surprised that he would do something like this, but they are always happy to hear that he has. Education is what got Ken Griffin to where he is he believes, and he tries to pass that opportunity on to others as well. It is nice to see someone who could so easily get consumed in his work take time out to help others who may not be as fortunate. It means that despite the success, this man has not forgotten who he is at heart. These are the types of things that make for a strong role model that we should pay attention to. He certain is an original, and we can all learn from and benefit from the example he set

Men are Accessorizing and It’s Awesome

In a recent article from Business Insider, the topic of men’s fashion was addressed. In a world that coined the term “metrosexual,” society has evolved to have more men who aren’t afraid to dress well and admit they are into fashion. The phenomenon of men dressing better can be witnessed in TV and movies created by millennial men like Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None.”

The biggest driver of this shift in fashion perception for men is — like so many other things — the Internet. Men who want to look and feel good no longer have to foot it down to the local department store to find fashion that fits their needs. They can just sift through photos of online stores and sign up for monthly deliveries of bathroom necessities. Menswear has seen the biggest growth of any e-commerce category in the past five years. Analysts predict the market will continue to grow by 15% annualized over the next five years.

Online retailers are now catering to men interested in dress well, like luxury shoe brand Paul Evans. Paul Evens delivers hand-crafted, Italian leather shoes for modern men that will help pull together a carefully crafted outfit. These high-quality items are exactly the kind of thing a modern man wants in his closet.

Millennials and other fashion-conscious males love being able to shop for Paul Evans shoes online. The orders come right to their door and they don’t have to fight teen girls at the mall to find the perfect shoe. Paul Evans also offers accessories to complement the hand-crafted shoes like matching leather belts, backpacks, and briefcases.

Does the “Pop” in FreedomPop Stand for Popularity?

FreedomPop has gained quite a bit of buzz in both the United States and in the United Kingdom. The Los Angeles startup devised a rather brilliant plan. The concept of budget phone services would be taken further. Upon buying a phone and the necessary SIM card, users would have access to a totally free – 100% free – service option. FreedomPop has garnered so much attention thanks to its free deal, the company is expanding its deals and special offers.

One unique promotional offering presents the chance to pick up two prized smartphones at drastically reduced costs. The Motorola E and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are available at massively reduced prices. For some, these phones would normally be way outside of their budget range. Now, they can be purchased at a great discount.

The phones are not the only specials available to those hoping to get a good deal. For one month, expanded FreedomPop service is available totally for free. The special provides totally unlimited phone and text along with 1GB of internet data. Once the month ends, the service can be continued with a reasonable fee. The option also exists to go with the reduced free monthly service. Customers can pick the service they feel comfortable with and upgrade at any time. Since there are no contracts, service can be cancelled at any time as well.

More interesting news on special phones is going to be forthcoming from the FreedomPop front. The company has raised a significant amount of investment capital to support the development and release of a Wi-Fi phone. The Wi-Fi phone will be, essentially, a portable VoIP device. As a low-cost alternative to a standard mobile phone, the Wi-Fi release should prove immensely popular.

“Immensely popular” really is a good way to describe FreedomPop. FreedomPop is closing in on the one million mark for its subscriber count. The service has made a huge splash in the United Kingdom and growth figures are also reflective of impending great success.

Coriant, A Quick Look

The field of telecommunications has always been a growing one and continues to have a purpose as technology advances more and more now. Coriant, a company that majors in this field, is a perfect example of changes in technology and policy.

Coriant is the name of an independent telecom company that is based out of Munich, Germany and the United States. The company first came into existence back in 2013, when it was originally part of Nokia Siemens Networks, another telecom equipment company. Nokia Siemens, at the same time, happened to be owned by Marlin Equity Partners but yet Coriant was launched as its own independent company later on. Recently, Coriant and Tellabs, another telecom company owned by Marlin Equity, are set to merge together and still operate under the name of Coriant. The company’s aim is also selling both hardware and software for data and mobile networks.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a notable figure that relates to CEO, in the fact that he was just recently named CEO of the company. Kheradpir had briefly worked with Marlin Equity before he was appointed to this new position, meaning he now takes over for former CEO Pat DiPietro, who is now the vice chairman of the company. In addition, Kheradpir had also been working very closely with the vendors of the company to push out more and more progress.

Kheradpir is originally a native of London, United Kingdom and spent his youth living in Iran before moving to the United States and pursuing a bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University. Once out of college he took a job at GTE Laboratories, which eventually merged with Bell Atlantic to form what is now Verizon Communications in 2000. While at Verizon he was appointed at the chief information officer (CIO) of the company he was responsible for multiple changes in the structure, including reducing the information technology staff and budgets by a significant amount and getting new, fresh software to help Verizon utilize some of its hardware. He was also able to get vendors to cut down on pricing.

The Greatest Dog Food

Freshpet Inc, makes refrigerated pet food. Their factory is located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This company’s dog food is one of the best so far. The pet owners, are singing their praises, and spending money on these delicious treats, for their four legged friends. Richard Thompson, who is the chief executive office is fixated on making sure their pet food only meets the highest standard, making sure that their pet food are very healthy for pet consumption. He also doesn’t put a long expiration date on the package, because he said he wants the flavor to last as long as possible. There are so many different flavors of dog food out there, and many companies are actually competing to see which one is the best. But it seems like Freshpet and Blue Buffalo Co, is giving them on their toes. Companies like Colgate-Palmolive, has made a dog food for keeping dogs at a healthy weight. Pet owner has a say in what they are looking for, over at Nestle’s Purina. Mars Petcare, adds blueberries and cranberries. And in Milo’s Kitchen, they are selling duck jerky and grilled beef burgers. These dogs are in for a real treat. No wonder sales in the dog food industry has soared to $10.5 billion in the United States, with Blue Buffalo accounting for almost $1 billion in 2009. Also companies like Purina, which just took over Merrick Pet Care seems to find themselves in the competition game. They now have a product for older dogs, called Bright minds,with ingredients that is made from a coconut oil base. The company says it is better for their digestion. For pet owners who want be kept abreast of what is going on in the pet industry, they can Then there is Beneful, a Nestle Purina PetCare Company. Which was started in 2001. Also is known for it’s healthy dog food. They are rated the fourth most popular brand, bringing in almost $1.5 billion yearly. Their food contain bits of beef pieces, most pet owners compare it to beef stew. This company also have dry and wet food. Even introducing a soy product, as protein in 2005. One would find Beneful Products in eight tempting delicious flavor. Beneful is also recognized for their resealable container, that doubles as a pet dish. Although all dog food are not created equally, pet lovers will no doubt find something to tempt their best friend palate.

The Different Dog Food Products Manufactured by Beneful

Dog Foods should have nutritional value in order to enhance the well-being of any dog. The Nestle Purina Company owns the Beneful brand of dog food. The name Beneful loosely translates to collection of goodness. The brand has been in the market since 2001. Their strategy of offering wholesome dog food has improved Beneful’s Amazon market penetration. Their variety of dog food is another reason that their products are quite popular with dog owners. Beneful has wet, dry and baked food categories that are packed with proteins and vitamins. Beneful Baked Delights are dog snacks and delicious dog treats that will offer your dog with a wholesome meal. The well crafted and baked treats will leave your dog full and happy. The ingredients and flavors used to make the snacks and treats are designed to boost your dog’s appetite while allowing them a taste of their favorite flavors. Peanut butter, cheese, and beef are common flavors used in making the oven baked treats. The treats and snacks have varying textures that eases the consumption of the food by the dogs. Dog Snack Snackers are shortbread cookies that have a creamy filling. They are made of natural and artificial peanut butter and cheese. The Dog Snack Stars are biscuits made in various exciting shapes. They are found in different flavors such as chicken and cheese as well as bacon and cheese. Beneful makes crackers such as Dog Snack Hugs, which are crispy and have fillings made of beef and cheese. In addition, they come with an attractive packaging. It is important to mention that Beneful products are pocket-friendly prices. Snack Quacks are crackers that found in varying flavors such as hickory smoke and cheese flavors. They are rich in omega and antioxidants. Beneful wet food is packed in resealable tubs. These tubs have different sizes starting from 8oz. The textures are found in the form of sizable diced, chopped and chunky roasters. They have an array of flavors such as pork, chicken, beef and lamb. Additionally, they have visible scents of carrots, barley, rice and green beans. The dry food category has chewable kibbles that found in chicken, lamb or beef flavors. They have manageable sizes that dogs can easily chew.