Hiring A Lawyer To Defend You As A Whistleblower

If you report wrongdoing that your company is engaged in, it is essential to have a good lawyer defending you in the courtroom. There have been a lot of protections created by the government, to protect people who act as whistleblowers. In 2010, the amount of protections for whistleblowers increased substantially. However, it is crucial that you have a skilled lawyer to help you take advantage of these protections. After the new protections were put in place, an excellent law firm was started to help people that are whistleblowers.

This firm was started by a lawyer named Labaton Sucharow, who has a great deal of expertise with defending whistleblowers in the courtroom. Labaton Sucharow got a lawyer to lead the program that has about the most experience one could have with such cases. In fact, he has a former assistant director from the SEC leading his legal practice. This law firm has been the first to ever be designed specifically to protect people who are whistleblowers.

Not only are the lawyers at the firm very skilled, but there are many experts working with the firm that will greatly assist you in your case. The firm has very skilled financial experts, accountants, and investigators. All of these professionals are necessary in order to be successful with your case.

Now, thanks to new legislation, whistleblowers are actually entitled to monetary compensation. This can be substantial in many cases. Whenever the fines that the company faces are greater than a million dollars, the whistleblower is entitled to anywhere between 10 and 30 percent of this money. The lawyers from Labaton Sucharow’s program can help to make sure that you have access to this money.

If you are a whistleblower and are seeking the services of Labaton Sucharow’s services, it is very easy to contact the firm. You can contact them by phone, email, or even through their website. Their telephone number and email is given on the website, in addition to the feature that allows you to contact them through the website. The lawyers at the firm will get back to you very quickly, when you contact them. Furthermore, it is free to have a consultation with the lawyers at the firm. In addition to offering services in the United States, the firm also is available to whistleblowers in foreign countries. For those living in areas with a language barrier, you can have access to a translator through the firm.

GTL (Global Tel Link) is Exposed, Thanks to Securus

If you haven’t heard of Securus Technologies, you should know that they provide civil and criminal justice solutions with a focus on technology to public corrections facilities across North America. in addition, their clients include investigation agencies. Thanks to their attention to detail and high moral ethics, they have organized the release of reports that will expose a number of wrongdoings of GTL (Global Tel Link) in order to make the world a safer place.

First and foremost, the Louisiana Department of Corrections has issued a 17 page report, called a Public Service Commission (PSC). This includes findings that GTL wrongfully changed the programming of clocks on phone calls that prisoners were making. It shortened the length of the calls without authorization, meaning that people paid more than they should have for using the phones.

Also, there are certain rate caps in place that are designed to prevent overcharging for phone calls. GTL added charges that were not approved. These injustices are also outlined in the report.

Securus has a detailed version of the report on their site. The company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas is a successful information technology and security provider to over 3,000 clients around North America. They provide emergency response, communication, information analysis, biometric analysis, and more to correction facilities. Their prisoners use Securus on their own, reducing costs associated with assisting them with phone calls.

Dallas Based Fiscal Institution Reports Strong Financial Results

The Dallas, Texas area is one which many companies find it easy to do business. This part of the nation has regulations that are designed to encourage capital investments that can help stimulate business activities and provide employers with the capital they need to expand. This is one of many reasons why investors and those in charge of financial institutions have chosen to operate in this region. One such fiscal institution is that of Nexbank. The company has been happy to locate here and enjoy many amenities in doing so. As a result of this decision, officials at the bank can report impressive quarterly results.

Original Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nexbank-reports-strong-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-2015-results-300235572.html
As reported, those who run the company have seen profits soar in the last few years. This is particularly true of last quarter of 2015 and the entire year. During this time, company officials have told all investors in the company that they can expect to see record profits from the bank. The bank is well capitalized institution with billions in capital assets that it has used to help fuel investments that have led to handsome returns on the capital. Those who have invested with the bank have been pleased to see how fast their capital has grown.

The company reports double digit growth during this time. This includes a record 35 percent growth rate that has helped provide impressive returns for people who have chosen to work with the company. Those who run the company have focused closely on three areas of capital management including commercial banking as well as mortgage banking and investment banking. This is why they have been able to attract investors grateful for the opportunity to enjoy help from the company’s respected leadership. Growth is only expected to continue here in the short-term and long-term.

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IAP Worldwide


Some of you might not be familiar with IAP Worldwide. The purpose of this content is to inform you of who they are and what they do exactly. We feel this is a better way to get to know a company, before you decide to invest your time, money and resources into them.


IAP Worldwide deals in global logistics and technologies. They deal in both the private and public sectors. Their clients range from the IAP helps out with mostly military personnel. They deal in everything from battlefield warfare to the latest technology and lab research.

IAP not only meets it’s clients expectations, but they exceed them. There are a lot of issues that keep their clients up at night. These issues are exactly what gets their employees out of bed the next day.

What exactly does their job entail? They handle everything from a natural disasters to what a person might find in a war zone.

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IAP does not rest until every one of their customers is satisfied. This could be delivering the latest technologies to a remote lab. It could also mean implementing and carrying out leadership and a mission plan for someone who is left hanging in a natural disaster. Whatever the problem is this company can take care of it.

IAP believes in putting the customer first, without exception, irregardless of the reason.


IAP Worldwide has a lot of dependable partners on their side. The biggest of which is the government subsidiaries. IAP believes in doing a job the right way. This means making sure everything is perfect for the client. This also means addressing legal concerns along the way. They work in concert with government vehicles, some of which whom partner to deliver the good and services.

Please visit the official site for IAP. The site can give a detailed analysis of what their capabilities are and how they can help out.

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WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner Review Recap

WEN hair by Chaz Dean haircare products has made waves throughout the beauty product industry. Many people have wondered just how well some of their products work. Luckily for us, one woman took us through a day by day walk through of her trial run with the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner. Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is essentially a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment all in one. Emily McClure published her thoughts on this QVC advertised product in an article originally published on Bustle.com. Emily tried this product consecutively for seven days. In what she called a love-hate relationship she found many pros and only minimal cons with this product. Emily concluded that the product worked very well on her thin and fine hair when she utilized it in her morning shower before styling her hair. She noted throughout her trial that the product gave her more body and volume as well as shine to her hair.
Wen by Chaz is a product line of hair care essentials that have been known to provide some amazing results. Wen by Chaz offers many products ranging all the way from the Cleansing Conditioner reviewed by Emily to Anti-Frizz Styling Creams and even Straightening Smoothing Gloss. Wen hair by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is available in three different formulas. One is the sweet almond mint which is great for all hair types. Another is soy-based and is formulated to help moisturize and strengthen your hair. Last but not least is the lavender formula which offers the consumer all of the calming and soothing properties that are commonly associated with lavender in addition to the benefits such as added volume and shine that were described by Emily in her review. Check out the amazing WEN by Chaz product line for yourself at Amazon.com.

Wen Hair Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/


Getting Summer Clothes From JustFab


JustFab (@justfabonline) makes a variety of different products that are great for the summertime. There are several different parts of the company, and they each sell unique types of clothing. There is ShoeDazzle, which sells a variety of shoes that can be great for the summertime. Additionally, there is FabKids, and they sell a variety of different children’s clothing items. Then, there is Fabletics. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson, and they make a wide variety of different items that can be great for the summertime. They make excellent summer dresses, blouses, and swimwear. Their clothing is designed to be both attractive and comfortable to wear. It also is very affordable, and it’s easy to purchase.

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Fabletics has a very well known and successful clothing of the month club. This clothing of the month club gives customers access to new clothes each month for the price of merely $49.95 a month. This is a very reasonable rate for getting new clothing each month, and the summer clothing from Fabletics is of very high quality. They have one line, called Athleisure, that is great to wear during the summer. It is comfortable and very stylish. In addition, you can skip a month without any penalty or charge for that month.

In addition to the clothing of the month club, it is possible to get outfits from Fabletics in person. There are stores in person that sell clothing from Fabletics. While there are relatively few stores that sell clothing from Fabletics clothing currently, the company is expected to grow. This is going to result in dozens of new stores opening up in the future. There also will likely be many new clothing lines created by Fabletics in the future.

ShoeDazzle has a number of different options for summer footwear. You can get sandals from ShoeDazzle, in addition to closed toe footwear. From ShoeDazzle, you can get footwear for an affordable price of only $39.95. You can actually get two pairs of shoes for this price. These reasonably priced shoes are a great way to complete your new summer outfit!

FabKids also has a number of great kid’s products for the summertime. They make bathing suits, shirts, pants, and other clothing items that kids will need for the summer. FabKids is quite affordable. They have a number of deals that make it possible to get your kids’ summer outfits for a low cost. It actually is possible to get your first outfit for only $9.99. You can also get two clothing items from them for the affordable price of only $19.95. If you live in the United States, you can get free shipping from FabKids.

U.S Money Reserve’s Function in the Distributing of Government-Issued Precious Metals.

The U.S Money Reserve is a private dealer of U.S government-issued silver, platinum and gold.

The firm has been active since 2001 and has helped thousands of clients in changing and storing their fortune in the form of precious coins, bullion, and bars that are U.S government issued. Based in Dallas, Texas, The company has highly skilled numismatics and coin research professionals, who help in the firm in acquiring beneficial market information and making effective decisions that ensure gold buyers attain the largest profit margins.

The company’s website indicates that customer service is a priority, and it has been working hard to create robust, trustworthy, and sustainable relationships with all its clients.

The U.S Money Reserve is a charitable organization and has been a benefactor to various community projects. The company facilitated the Austins Police Department in raising three thousand dollars to support the Operation Santa Blue.

Eric Dye, who is the host of a business show on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio lately, interview the U.S Money Reserve’s President, Philip Diehl. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.youtube.com/user/usmrwebvideos

The show is a platform where the world’s leading business persons offer beneficial guidance to owners of small firms and upcoming entrepreneurs on how to be successful and also provides an opportunity to share the newest services, products, inventions, and strategies.

Mr. Diehl, who is also a former U.S Mint Director, has been to many media station in 2016 where he has talked about the gold industry’s future, the U.S Money Reserve’s outstanding services to its customers, and his leadership experience.

The U.S Mints appreciates the achievement of Mr. Diehl at the company and according to the PR Newswire, he is considered to be the most accomplished director that has so far worked for the firm. His most significant undertakings at the company are the minting of the first U.S government platinum coin and overseeing the fifty States Quarter Project.

At the interview with Eric Dye, Philip shaded light on how he participated in raising the U.S Mint from a poorly performing company to one of the top business agencies in the country. During the transformation process, six years were dedicated improving the company’s customer service.

At the U.S Money Reserve, Philip Diehl has put in a lot of effort to ensure that the company’s customer services are superior to those of its competitors. His proficiency has played a significant role in making the firm one of the best suppliers of government issued precious metals.

The company recently came up with and an IRS program that facilitates the purchasing of gold as a means of storing wealth.

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Create the Perfect Sleek Look Using Wen by Chaz Hair Care System

Many women with curly hair find it almost impossible to create sleek styles. This is often a significant problem because sleek hairstyles are fabulous for dressing up causal looks or adding an elegant twist to a simple evening dress. Many curly haired women yearn for the ability to sweep up their curls into a classic sleek bun or a stylish undo, but find it downright difficult to brush the curly hair into submission. This happens so often that they often give up on the concept of creating sleek styles altogether and instead opt for styles that are more curl friendly and less tasking. What tons of curly haired women don’t know is that the WEN hair care line has developed products designed to specifically target stubborn curly hair and make it a breeze to create an elegant sleek do any day of the week.
The reason that curly hair is much more difficult to sweep into elegant hairstyles than straight hair is that the curls create a thicker head of hair altogether. Curls are also more difficult to comb and brush than straight hair because of the increased chance of tangles, tears, and tugs. Using this QVC advertised product can greatly increase the easy of which women with curly hair can slide a brush through the strands. This, in turn, reduces the difficulty that is often associated with creating a sleek and simple hairstyle on curly hair. If the hair is able to be brushed, it can be smoothed into elegant styles. Wen hair by Chaz also has developed products to help hold curly hair in positions it does not naturally want to stay in, like sleek styles. Curly hair will naturally rebel against these styles, so it is important to use a holding product on the style as a finishing touch.

More information about this amazon sold product can be found here.
Ad on http://www.wen.com/.

Abelow’s GoFundMe for the Strays

Ross Abelow, a highly renowned New York lawyer, has recently undertaken a new project to benefit animals in shelters through a popular website called GoFundMe.com. The purpose of this website is to allow an easily-accessible way of donating money to different causes and/or projects. Abelow’s most recent campaign to is help strays and shelter animals by providing them financial funds. These funds go towards everything from shelter and food to medical care and vaccinations. Although most animals in shelters are expected to have their basic needs met, it is not always the case. In creating a Go Fund Me for these poor animals, Abelow has set a standard in animal care that he hopes will catch on.

Abelow, a highly rated lawyer, is known for helping out the lost causes. He deals mostly in divorce law and entertainment law with each contributing factors to his personality. Through divorce law, he has developed the ability to approach a situation with care and a light touch while still remaining objective in his duties. He works not just for his own client but to ensure that all parties are content with the new compromise he has created. Through entertainment law, Abelow shows his skill and dedication to his work. This type of law is generally tough due to the experience required to satisfy the client. By practicing two types of law, Ross Abelow often gains the respect of his fellow colleagues and, with the difficulty level of each practice, Abelow shows to be an accomplished and still-promising lawyer.

The purpose of this Go Fund Me campaign is not only to help sheltered animals survive, but also to give them a fighting chance at happiness. In supplying multiple shelters in the New York city area, this funding provides services to animals that they might not have received were it not for the contributions of others. Whether sick, hungry, or cold, every stray animal has a chance to live if we allow them the opportunity to be taken care of. Through this program, animals will have a shot at finding their forever homes. On behalf of that one mutt that never stood a chance, thank you Ross Abelow.

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Beneful Has Three Interesting Wet Foods Available

Beneful is one of PurinaStore’s top lines. The premium brand is soon to be unleashing new recipes to the public. A few of those new recipes will be tweaks to some of the current products. Purina does wish to keep its Wal-Mart customers happy. Those customers includes both owner and pet.
The current inventory of Beneful food choices is highly impressive. All manner of canine tastes can be met thanks to the various unique and impressive offerings.

Savory Rice and Lamb Stew with peas and carrots positively displays the creativity in the Beneful offices. This was not a recipe someone based on someone just choosing to throw ingredients together. The planner of this meal was looking to duplicate a savory stew humans love and serve it to pets with no loss of nutritional benefits. The end result is a great success.

Chopped Blends with chicken, liver, peas, brown rice, and sweet potatoes shows how a host of important nutrients can be packed into a small package. Proteins, carbohydrates, and a variety of vitamins are all chopped up into the mix. The meal serves nearly everything a dog would need in a diet.

Roasted Chicken Recipe is made with three interesting ingredients. Carrots and spinach are fine vegetables and they are accompanied by an interesting third item: pasta. Pasta, of course, is a nice source of carbohydrates.

If a dog loves pasta, Beneful Romana Style Medley is another great selection. Chicken, spinach, and carrots return once again, but in a different recipe than the one used to make the Roasted Chicken Recipe.

Beneful also makes treats, go to: https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/ and learn more about this variety.