Madison Street Capital Provides Investment Banking Guidance

Many people do not know what to look for when looking for an investment banker to assist in making an intricate financial deal, an acquisition of managing a merger of some kind. There are a few things that should be considered like experience, trust, support, and history of the firm you are dealing with. Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that was created with integrity and has a strong track record of assisting companies make money from all locations spanning North America, Africa and Asia. They have worked with both privately and publicly funded business to provide sound financial information and guidance.

2015 was a year that can be viewed either positively or negatively when it comes to hedge fund activity. It seems that many traditional hedge fund investments only returned a mediocre amount but the amount of interest in investing in the hedge fund asset at an all time high. This made 2015 one of the more active years in recent memory and forecasts big things for 2016. There are a lot of innovative deal mechanisms being used to allow for the satisfaction of both buyers and sellers in the mergers & acquisition market. There are a lot of different mechanisms being used apart from traditional mergers and acquisitions. Incubator or seed deals are being structured to help the market move forward. Consolidation of the assets of the difficult and complicated hedge fund market can be expected over the next year. This will occur as eager fund managers seek opportunities to link production with distribution in business.

Madison Street Capital has been right at the heart of this market guiding their clients toward positive decisions and increased wealth. They have chosen to take an approach that emphasizes the focus on middle market companies. It was not long ago that they saw a need to help mergers and acquisitions in this market. Many of the larger markets were already oversaturated but there was a need in promoting the M&A in the middle markets. They were incorporated in 2011 and since that time they have managed funds valued at $130,000 annually. They have increased the size of their funding consistently over the years and it would seem that would continue in the future.

Investment banks like Madison Street Capital provide a variety of services as a financial intermediary. It would be difficult to manage large and complex transactions without the skills an investment bank provides. They work on underwriting, connect the investing public with security issuers, facilitate corporate reorganizations like mergers. Some of the major investment banks are Merrill Lynch, Barclays, and Goldman Sachs. However today the industry is much more open to middle level players like Madison Street and the services they provide.

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Beneful provides a variety of choice foods for your dog

Dogs, like their human companions, come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. Beneful offers a wide variety of foods to meet every dog’s needs and wants. This brand is all over twitter these days.

Beneful Dry Dog Food ORIGINALS with real beef is a mix of soft and crunchy food pieces. Real beef is mixed with spinach, peas, and carrots to provide your dog with an antioxidant-rich meal and a flavor they will have them begging for more. Beneful Originals With Real Beef dog food is formulated to satisfy the nutritional levels instituted by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for dogs of all ages.

The real chicken, peas, and carrots in Beneful‘s HEALTHY PUPPY with chicken dry dog food will help get your puppy the important nutritional start they need. The HEALTHY PUPPY with chicken dry dog food will provide your puppy with calcium to make strong bones and DHA support for healthy brain and eye development. With a flavor dog’s love and 100% of the nutrition they need to grow, Beneful HEALTHY PUPPY with chicken is a great way to show your puppy how much you care.

Beneful Wet Dog Food BEEF STEW with peas, carrots, rice, and barley is a nutritional meal served by itself or mixed with one of Beneful’s dry dog foods. The chunky meat cuts and vitamin enriched vegetables and grains will give your dog the taste they crave and they nutrition they need to grow and stay healthy. Beneful Wet Dog Food BEEF STEW with peas, carrots, rice,and barley comes in a convenient resealable tub if your dog doesn’t finish it in one serving.

If your dog prefers a more finely chopped blend of beef, vegetables and grains than Beneful Wet Dog Food CHOPPED BLENDS with beef, peas, carrots, and barley would be a wise choice. This beef blend in a light sauce is full of the vitamins and nutrition your dog needs to thrive and a taste that will have them wanting more.

No matter if you have a puppy or mature dog, a preference for wet or dry foods, Beneful has dog food options to satisfy all different dogs and their tastes. Feeding your dog Beneful will leave your friend full and nutritionally satisfied!Beneful is available on Amazon.

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Andy Wirth Rises Again After Life Changing Incident

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is well known for those who enjoy outdoor activities for the historic nature of this Lake Tahoe area winter sports haven, which is usually credited as being the first European style resort of its kind in North America.

However, what very few people know is the story of the CEO of the resort, Andy Wirth, and his battle to return to a normal life following a life changing accident suffered when skydiving.

A CrowdRise report suggests that Andy Wirth is not an archetypal CEO in the mold of those who generally run top resorts like Squaw valley; the German born CEO has always taken his own path, which has seen him become a volunteer firefighter and fight for the environment of the community he lives in –

In recent times, the community of Olympic Valley has played a major role in the life of Andy Wirth as he has been trying to find the best ways of increasing tourism levels in his bid to aid the people of the area with a successful industry they can be proud of.

The skydiving incident was unexpected for a veteran of the activity who decided to take on high winds during a jump, but found himself blown off course and forced to land in a vineyard.

Andy Wirth struck a stake used to support the vines and had his arm severed; his training as a forest ranger served him well as he was able to avoid the shock he knew would almost certainly kill him.

After spending months in hospital care and rehabilitation facilities Andy Wirth has returned to work at Squaw Valley and returned to participating in triathlons as he did before his accident.

Raising money for the Navy Seal’s who inspired his recovery is just one step on the journey Andy Wirth continues to take as he returns to living his full and happy life.

White Shark Media

On the link,, there were 4.3/5 stars and 59 reviews. One of the customers with the 5 star review said: “I have been a customer with this company for over six months, and let me tell you, when it comes to knowledge and customer service, White Shark Media does it best.” Another customer with a positive review stated: “I’m a small business owner. My experience with White Shark Media has been excellent! I cannot say enough about the high quality of service this company provides.”

An example of a negative review a customer wrote was: “Work was not delivered in a timely manner and company admitted the ball was dropped in their court.” Another example of a negative review on with 1 star was stated: “They are terrible and refuse to refund even after they get your AdWords account banned by them submitting incorrect product feed info after I asked them many times to correct.”

From the link,, there was a total of 18 reviews.

One of the reviews said:
“I had the honor to work with White Shark Review, and the deals that they gave me where insane awesome.” Another review from this site said “Awesome company was very helpful, and an honor to work with.” Also along with, “I really like their services, i can only recommend them!”

There was only one review on the site:
The review was positive stating “Outstanding service. Working with White Shark Media has been a terrific experience. An extremely accommodating and experienced team helped revise and update our online marketing campaigns.”

On the site,, there was a total of 2 reviews. Here is what one customer said: “I also think that communication is the key role to improve, but White Shark Complaints is fine with their services.” The other customer stated: “They have many issues but not as the most of similar companies, they are not bad.”

The link:, had a total of 3 reviews. One being 5 stars and the other two being 1 star.

The 5 star review stated that “My sales have increased significantly and seeing as I haven’t been doing anything different, really, I have to credit it to WSM. They’ve been very responsive any time I have a question or adjustment, so I have no complaints with their communication like other reviewers.”

One of the one star review said “Working with White Shark Media for nearly a year.First, they often do not return phone calls. In the last three interactions, they are supposed to call me and they did not.

Second, they try to find all the reasons to raise their prices.
Third, the results of their work is unclear.”

Both YouTube sites had 0 reviews.

FreedomPop Helps Customers Save Money

There are a lot of customers that are ditching their cell phone plans with major carriers because they are interested in the free cell phone service that has been offered by FreedomPop. This is the type of company that is totally changing the way that people utilize mobile services.

The cell phone industry is changing in leaps and bounds, and there is no longer a need to buy into an expensive cell phone contract. FreedomPop has totally eliminated the need for this. That is why this company is getting so much praise in the industry today. There is a lot of talk about how the mobile phone ads will be able to fund cheap phone deals. This is something that is ahead of the curve, because many other companies had not considered this. FreedomPop is giving customers the ability to acquire cheaper cell phones in addition to the free cell phone service that this company already offers. That is a real win-win situation for FreedomPop and customers. These cheaper phones are going to make more customers want to get connected to the wireless world through FreedomPop.

It has become quite evident that FreedomPop is one of the best companies for saving money on phone service, but not people can save on phones as well. That is great in a world where new phones are being released every couple of months. People that have access to free service do not want to be stuck with outdated phones. A lot of people have major cell phone carrier contracts will keep the contracts in order to get new upgrades because new phones are so expensive. Now that FreedomPop is providing cheaper cell phones people will still have the ability to get upgrades and take advantage of the free wireless service that is available.

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Venezuela Fights Water Shortage

Venezuela is a country going through a lot of tough times. Economically according to Venezuelan Norka Luque, the country is suffering. A lack of medicine has contributed to a troubling health crisis. The nation’s woes are not even close to being finished. A water shortage is ravaging the land. Unless something is done to improve the situation, things are going to get worse in a number of ways.

A lack of water means a lack of hygiene and sanitation. In the shadow of medicine shortages, this is not good at all. Lack of water also leads to a lack of food. Farms are not exactly going to be able to grow significant crops if water shortages continue. The lack of water has also led to limited supplies of electricity. Rolling blackouts are occurring as a result.

The law of unintended consequences has now factored into the situation. Tourism to Venezuela has declined. A decline in tourism reduces the potential for the economy to make a comeback. Tourists, however, are not likely to visit a country in which water supplies are extremely limited.

How the situation will resolves itself remains to be seen. The Maduro government according to a article is not very popular with the public, and forced changes in the political realm could lead to new, more proactive policies.

A new plan does have to be put into motion soon. The longer the water shortage continues, the worse the situation in Venezuela will become.


Giving Back To People By Using Skout’s Application

Meeting People On The Go

My job involves a great deal of traveling, and I really enjoy that aspect of what I do. I get to visit new cities, and I get to see new places of interest. Many of the cities I go to are major metropolitan areas. I recently found out about this application that helps you meet people online to build friendships with or for dating purposes. The application is called Skout, and it is available to download for free. The best part about this application, to me, is that it uses your location to find people near you, so you can meet people in your city tonight if you are using Skout.

They also unleashed a new travel feature for their users to enjoy. The travel feature lets users message and match with different people in any of the 180 different countries around the world that the application is available to. You can use the feature called Passport to meet people in a new country before you travel there. Doing this will allow you to have instant friends when your plane lands, or you can build a relationship with someone that way to have a close friend online in case you ever plan to visit their country. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks, and I tested it out while traveling to Texas. I had a great time with my new friend that I met through Skout’s platform.

Giving Back To Those In Need

One of my favorite things about Skout isn’t even their application (though it is a remarkable application). My favorite thing about Skout is something I found out just recently while browsing PR Newswire’s website. Apparently, Skout has been involved with the San Fransisco Marin Food Bank by helping to feed the hungry people in that area. I like working with a company that shows that it cares for people by actually taking action towards helping enrich their lives. Skout was founded in San Fransisco, and their efforts in helping people there can be found in this article.

Re/Max Will Expand in NYC

For the past forty years, Re/Max has been one of the largest and most competitive real estate brokerage and sales firms in the world. The company, which is based out of Denver, has over 100,000 employees across the world and reports annual revenue of over $170 million. While it is a huge company, it has not been very active in the New York City real estate market. While they have not been too active in the city in the past, Re/Max now appears ready to expand greatly in the NYC market.

Re/Max has stated that they are looking to open several new offices and hire hundreds of new agents and brokers across the city. Re/Max will likely find that while the city has a very strong real estate market, there is also a lot of competition. While Re/Max is used to competing against other larger national brokerage firms, in NYC they will also have to compete against smaller boutique firms that have a strong footprint in the city.

One of these boutique firms that Re/Max will compete against in Town Residential. Town Residential has been in business for under ten years, but has already built a quality reputation for its ability to successfully market, sell, and lease real estate in the city. The company is hired by both individual owners and large real estate developers to assist with brokerage and sales of new and existing real estate projects.

Town Residential is also considered an expert when it comes to market knowledge. The company is known for its newsletter, which is sent out every few months. The newsletter gives a good overview of the current trends in the city’s market, gives a synopsis of new projects coming online, and will even give some predictions for future changes in the city.

Blog of the Day:

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur form Denver, USA. He graduated with a degree in Economics from Villanova University where he was a solid lacrosse player. His career stats are quite impressive. Mr. Urbana founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a summer camp for young lacrosse players playing at a junior league. Urbana is currently the director and head of business development at Ellipse USA, a medical device company providing laser and aesthetic solutions. He also has an interest in music; creating a few original songs and remixing many others. Jon Urbana is a big supporter and mentor to aspiring pilots and supports charities with causes such as unsheltered kittens and the environment (WRCB).

Follow Jon Urbana’s Twitter, where he posts discussions on a variety of topics including but not limited to music, coding, writing, videos and photography. His blog can be can be accessed at On a March 16th post, Urbana pays tribute to Sylvia Anderson, the co-creator of the Thunderbirds who died at the age of 88. She was a television producer and a puppeteer known for voicing characters such as Lady Penelope in the sixties. The longer post at his personal website also discusses a musical interpretation put together by Jane Horrocks and her director of some Northern artists from the 1970s and 1980s. In the same post he discusses an exhibition organized by Dr. Rosalind Blakesley at the National Portrait Gallery which showcases Russian art.

Urbana’s writing spans many topics with including sports. He discusses the game between the Mets and the Dodgers and the tactical moves planned by the team, especially Matt Harvey in In a post about Columbus Day, he engages with his readers on the day and the personal goals he has set for himself, asking for their oponins at

The incredible photographs in Urbana’s video capture you interest immediately when you log on to the site. He discusses the photos such as in which shows a beautiful picture of cut watermelon slices on a white plate. shows an ideal breakfast of turkey, avocado and Irish soda bread.
Apart from the blog, Jon Urbana’s online presence includes his professional website, YouTube videos, Facebook (personal), SlideShare, LinkedIn and Vimeo.

U.S. Money Reserve: Explore Our New Website and E-Commerce Coin Catalogue


The U.S. Money Reserve is pleased to announce on facebook the latest and improved online face of the firm. The most recent appearance resembles their status as one of the leaders in the lucrative metal industry while its features resemble the firms’ core values of commitment and trust.
The latest design features excellent new photography of the famous brand and the most outstanding leader, former United States Mint Director and the current U.S. Money Reserve President Philip N. Diehl together with the new coin photo gallery.
The site redesigned is aimed at educating the consumers on the benefits of owning the government issued bullion and help in enhancing the experience of buying precious metals.
Ryan Buchanan, the Vice President of Brand and Creative revealed that they now had an entirely responsive tool which will enable them to come up with quality content across all the platforms and ensure they further interact with their clients and, in the long run, be able to offer the best precious metals products in the world using their secure online storefront.
Buchanan managed to witness the entire redesign process including the implementation of the latest applications and features which are aimed at teaching consumers and buying the bullion much easier.
The online shop which is ever-growing is able to provide efficient, competitive pricing on silver and gold bars and bullion. The U.S. Money Reserve also provides PCGS approved coins and products for the precious metals. Clients can today sign up for the free gold and take a visit to the knowledge center. The U.S. Money Reserve is also able to contact customers to get one on one consultation, assistance in purchasing, individual offline releases, and secure offline transactions. The US Money Reserve article can also be found via CBS 19.
About U.S Money Reserve
It is regarded to be one of the world’s leading distributors of the U.S. government-issued silver, gold and platinum coins. The U.S Money Reserve was started by veterans in the gold market who realized the desire to bring together top-notch customer service.
The United States Money Reserve BuyBack Guarantee is known to be one of the leading return policies currently available in the industry. It provides a complete refund of the certified coin orders in the current market value within a period of 30 days. U.S Money Reserve has continued to provide the most certified U.S. Government Issued Platinum, Silver and Gold coins in the market.